The distinctive quality of our beer is the result of state-of-the-art technology, the best raw materials, crystal-clear mountain spring water and, last but not least, people who understand their craft and pass on their skills from generation to generation.

We offer several varieties for export:

Barre Pilsener
Our classic pils beer with a unique character. This wonderfully aromatic specialty is a full-bodied, bottom-fermented beer with a flavour that is simply unmistakable.

Barre Dunkel
This top-fermented specialty beer is for those who love a strong, aromatic flavour. Easy to digest and with delicate malt notes, Barre Dunkel is a real treat of a dark beer.

Barre Festbier
A Beer brewed for special moments. Selected varieties of hops make this beer a real experience. An aromatic specialty malt that catches the eye with its amber colour.

Barre Weizen
Naturally cloudy, Barre Weizen promises a unique form of pleasure. This full-bodied, topfermented wheat beer is especially aromatic.

Barre Maibock
This strong pale lager offers smooth enjoyment year after year. The bottom-fermented beer is something that no beer connoisseur should go without in the spring.
A saisonal article from february to may.

Barre Natur Alster
This natural lemon shandy contains Barre Pilsener mixed with nothing but real lemon juice. This especially citrus variety has a fruit content of 4.7% and no artificial additives.

We export our products in cardboard boxes, each containing 24 disposable bottles (330 ml/11.16 FL.OZ). Dimensions: width 24 cm/9.5 inch x height 23.5 cm /9.3 inch x depth 36 cm/14.2 inch