‘Privatbrauerei Barre’ is based in Lübbecke, a town nestled in hills named ‘Wiehengebirge’. In fact, the company owes its location to the Hills, or rather the springs that lie there. The founder of the brewery, Ernst Johann Barre, noticed the positive effect of the crystal-clear mountain spring water on the quality of his beer more than 170 years ago.

In addition to hops, malt, yeast and water, brewing a unique beer requires extensive experience and a great deal of passion for the final product. And you can taste if a beer is unique. Traditional craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and, first and foremost, the ingredients are what define the products. We select our raw materials with the greatest care. For instance, we use only the finest Hallertau hops and brewer’s yeast that we have grown ourselves.

A few negative factors during production is all it may take to compromise quality. We therefore take care to prevent an excessive amount of so-called ‘higher’ alcohols from forming during fermentation. Above all, this would have a negative effect on the quality our products. In addition, we consciously refrain from flash pasteurisation for the thermal treatment of our beers. We believe that such rapid heating processes impair the taste of our beers, which is why we focus instead on a fresh and natural approach.

We have been working to improve our methods and recipes for generations with passion and perfection. Adhering to this model and remaining faithful to our philosophy is one of our most important goals as we head into the future.