After many national and international prizes, ‘Privatbrauerei Barre’ is pleased to have received four gold awards this year from the German Agricultural Society (DLG). A detailed expert assessment confirmed the high quality and enjoyment offered by our regional products, and our specialty beers once again put in a convincing performance at this leading international quality contest.

Gold medals were awarded to the varieties Barre Pilsener (pils beer), Barre Weizen (wheat beer), Barre Weizen Alkoholfrei (wheat beer without alcohol) and Barre Natur Alster (natural lemon shandy). The DLG competition has a long tradition and is considered by those in the industry to be the toughest beer test in the world. The German Agricultural Society has developed an objective system to evaluate beers, and only those that meet every expectation in terms of quality are given a gold medal!

For our entire team, this recognition is an acknowledgment of the work we have done, and it demonstrates our passion for the beer we produce. Barre has placed utmost importance on product quality since it was established in 1842. Of course, a key requirement here is selecting the right raw materials. Traditional methods are still used in production despite advances in technology. The employees of Barre constantly work to develop methods and recipes with passion and perfection.

Barre DLG Auszeichnung