For us, everything centres on people and the region. We are passionately committed to a number of issues, including the preservation of monuments and historic buildings, environmental protection and supporting a broad range of amateur and professional sports.

‘Privatbrauerei Barre’ has a strong presence in the region and is recognised as an important brand name. Some 1,300 catering and hospitality establishments, most of them in northern Germany, provide their guests with beer produced by Barre. Our products are also stocked by numerous drinks wholesalers and food retail chains.

Our customers appreciate the close contact they have with ‘their’ brewery in terms of geography as well as human relationships. And we are grateful for the loyalty of those who drink our beer and who value honest brands with substance. After all, a conscious decision in favour of local products helps companies in the area and their regional suppliers to secure jobs. The export of our products is a new area of business, and we look forward to this development. However, it will not change anything about the regional orientation of our private brewery.