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Wolfgang Rosengarten
Sales manager
Officer with procurement

Tel. +49 (0)5741 2701-19
Fax +49 (0)5741 2701-33
Mobile +49 (0)170 5607103
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Facts and Figures

The Privatbrauerei Barre was established in 1842 by Ernst Johann Barre and is now led by the sixth generation of management under Christoph Barre. With a current total of 110 employees (including subsidiaries), we achieved an output of 130,000 hectolitres in 2018.

Product portfolio and share:
72% Pilsener (pils beer)
14% mixed beer drinks: Barre Alster (lemon shandy), Barre Natur Alster (natural lemon shandy), Barre Natur Alster alcohol-free (alcohol-free natural lemon shandy), Barre Alt Schuss (beer with coke),  Barre Fassbrause Zitrone (soft drink with lemon), Barre Fassbrause Holunder (soft drink with elderberry) and Barre Fassbrause Rhabarber (soft drink with rhubarb)
14% other varieties: Barre Dunkel (dark beer), Barre Weizen (wheat beer), Barre Weizen alcohol-free (alcohol-free wheat beer), Barre Alt (ale), Barre Maibock (strong pale lager), Barre Pilsener alcohol-free (alcohol-free pils beer), Barre Festbier (festival beer), Vitamalz (alcohol-free malt beer) trademark, Schneider Weisse (wheat beer) sales brand

Bottle varieties and share:
82% long-neck, 330 ml; 11% long-neck, 500 ml; 7% swing stopper, 330 ml

37% kegs
63% bottles (long-neck 500 ml and 330 ml, including almost 10% swing stopper bottles)

80% collection by drinks wholesalers
The remainder is transported by private fleet, in the urban area by draught horse

Sales area:
Northern Germany, Berlin-Brandenburg

Taiwan, China