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“A passionate private brewer” is not a fashionable advertising slogan, but rather our company philosophy, which we have been actively living since the company was founded in 1842. Instead of market concentration and competitive displacement, our focus is on people and our region.

Christoph Barre - CEO

Regional presence

Our brewery’s main focus is the local people and our region. That’s why we are passionately committed to the protection of historical monuments, nature conservation and the promotion of popular and professional sports.
Barre private brewery has a strong presence in the region and is considered an important brand. 1300 restaurants alone, mainly in East Westphalia and Lower Saxony, serve their guests beers from Barre. We are also represented at numerous beverage wholesalers and retailers.
Our customers appreciate the close contact with "their" brewery, both in local and human terms. And we are grateful for the loyalty of our consumers, who value honest brands with substance. Consciously choosing products from the region secures jobs at each of our companies and at regional suppliers.



Barre private brewery stands for unadulterated beer enjoyment. Our own mountain spring water plays a key role here. In order to meet our high-quality standards, our master brewers carefully select regional raw materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.



Following a host of national and international prizes, Barre private brewery was delighted to receive five gold medals from the German Agricultural Society this year. The products that convinced the jury are our:

  • Barre Pilsener
  • Barre Natur Alster
  • Barre Natur Alster Alkoholfrei
  • Barre Weizen
  • Barre Fassbrause Zitrone

Every year, we submit our products to be judged by experienced experts, even though there’s a chance we might get an unsatisfactory rating. That’s why we are even more pleased that the top quality of our Barre assortment has been well received.


Barre - Private Brewer with Passion

The Products

We offer several varieties for export:


For further information, please contact: info@barre.de